the kitchen

Joshchef joshua massin

as of july 1, 2011, nobo wine & grill has had a new executive chef at the helm. after a six year stint as chef de cuisine at the famed mike’s bistro in manhattan’s trendy upper west side, chef joshua massin has chosen to bring his considerable knowledge & skill to the table at nobo. chef josh is a graduate of johnson & wales flagship providence, RI campus & has over a decade of food-service experience including an extended internship at the prime grill.

a new jersey native — he grew up around the corner in fort lee — josh’s career has come full circle & brought him back to his childhood roots. he is excited to bring a luxury manhattan dining experience to the communities he grew up in & around. he’s planning an exciting new menu that will reflect not only a commitment to freshness, quality, & seasonality, but also his rigorous, research-intensive creative process. be on the lookout for some unexpected ingredients & the cutting-edge techniques used to prepare them. in fact, nobo’s kitchen recently underwent a series of upgrades & renovations designed to help chef josh bring its cuisine into the 21st century.

photo by david zimand

joshua’s sphere of influence on nobo does not end at the door to the dining room. he’s also very hands-on with customer service as well. on any given evening its very likely you will see him right in the dining room coordinating service, speaking with customers, or perhaps delivering an impromptu table-side finishing touch to a diner’s meal. get to know chef josh & his food and you will see why we are so excited to have him lead our team!